Glass bongs are popular implements among the stoner demographic renowned for their portability, easy usage, and more importantly their high filtration rate. They are generally made up of the highest grade borosilicate glass, which is both durable and safe to use. These glass bongs are not only important for their high filtration rates but also because they give the best hits when used. They also come with additional implements known as Percolators.

These Percolators are responsible for dispersing the smoke and preventing the presence of residues, therefore, optimizing the overall experience. They are great ways to enjoy cannabis and they come in different styles. Today’s article is centered on giving you the necessary information you need on glass bongs.

How Do Glass Bongs Work?

Bongs are used to optimize the smoking experience of smokers whenever you want to take a hit.

First, place your cannabis on a glass slide inside the bong. Then you light up the other end and inhale from the mouthpiece. The bong disperses the smoke through the percolator, which now modifies the air for a pleasing hit.

How Are They Made?

They are well hand-crafted in a meticulous manner known as glass blowing. Because of this, well-trained technical workers are employed as machines are not used for any step of production.

The design is peculiar to what the producer wants to introduce into the market.

Things To Look Out For In Glass Bongs

Choosing a glass bong requires precision and depends on what you use it for. So, before you select the ideal glass bong, make sure you check the following boxes. They include:

Dry herbs or Dabs: If you’re enthusiastic about dry herbs or dabs then you will need to choose a glass bong that meets the purpose. They are new multi-purpose bongs that meet the requirements for both.

Size: Glass bongs come in different joint sizes for connecting to additional implements. So, it will be pertinent that you choose the joint size that best fits your implements.

Safety: Ensure that the bong that you choose is made up of the highest grade borosilicate glass to ensure the safety of the users.

Ease of Cleaning: We all hate the stressful feeling of cleaning a glass bong before using it. Sometimes we get upset and lose the vibe to hit it. So, make sure that you get a glass bong that is easy to clean.

Portability: If you’re in search of a bong that can easily fit into your vehicles or handbags. 

One that you can easily pull out and have such a nice time at small parties with friends. Go for bongs that are within the height of 11-14cm and lightweight.

Price: This is usually the deciding determinant because a lot of companies are making their bongs. So, look out for the affordable price range and select the best quality there is.

Glass bongs come in different designs and shapes, so if you are not knowledgeable about them, you can make errors when choosing and buying your ideal glass bong. Hopefully, this article will guide you in the selection of the perfect bong for you.