With over half a million self-managed super funds (SMSF) in Australia, it is essential for retirees to understand how these outlets work for them.

Some will decide to go it alone or to receive advice from friends or family members, but there are experts in the field who know exactly how to maximise returns and leverage these opportunities correctly.

SMSF administration services present themselves with the expertise and experience for their clientele.


Starting The Super Fund

The application process alone can be frustrating for many retirees who are unsure about who to speak to and what documentation and regulations are in play. That delay alone can be enough for retired men and women to settle for a less valuable option, but the use of SMSF administration services will help to expedite this task. They will tick off each of the items that are required in this instance, establishing the fund through the Australian Business Register, with assets, a Trust Deed, a Trustee Declaration and ensuring that there are no more than four members included.


Client Investment Advice

There are all manner of investment choices that can help to grow the pie and deliver superior results for clients. By using SMSF administration services, participants will have access to updated information that guides them on how to maximise returns and lowering concessions across the board. There are options for shares in property portfolios, stocks and bonds to the acquisition of key assets. It is not just a question about where this money will be invested by when it will be invested. It is advice that will work to guide the client through a fluctuating and at times unpredictable market, but their data and case studies will regularly have their participants ahead of the game.


Complying With The ATO & Tax Returns

It is stressful and confusing enough at times to deal with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) just for personal expenses. When utilising a fund of this nature, that confusion and stress can amplify. This is the joy of partnering with SMSF administration services because they will work in conjunction with the department and ensure that every asset and account is above board and accounted for. That compliance is peace of mind for men and women who could be cautious about where their money has gone and whether or not they are being taxed honestly and fairly. Submitting those returns each year is another exercise that they manage for their clientele.


Running Audits

In order to truly comply with the ATO, then a regular annual audit of the fund is essential. This is a timely exercise that requires an eye for detail through key analysis practices, so it is best left in the hands of experienced SMSF administration services. It works to correctly value assets, ensure that lodgment dates are adhered to and find any anomalies or red flags that could be identified at a later date.


Avoiding Common Tactical Errors Through a SMSF

One of the key benefits for using SMSF administration services is not so much what is gained, but what is avoided when using these funds without professional assistance. So many retired Australians will jump at the opportunity, but won’t have any guidance to rely upon once they have started the program. They could fall into the trap of investing in in-house assets, make basic administrative errors, fail to separate assets responsibly or engage in dubious loan schemes.


Retirees that place their trust in SMSF administration services are always two, three or four steps ahead of their peers. It is the peace of mind and care that they provide that is unparalleled, ensuring that every opportunity is grasped the moment the fund begins.