Adding value to suburban homes does not have to be a tough challenge if residents know what to look out for.

With the inclusion of teak outdoor furniture for a front or backyard setting, local constituents can support an arrangement that looks picture perfect, lasts the distance and fits the dynamics of the property.

Of course there is plenty of competition that arrives in the form of wrought iron, steel, aluminum, recycled plastics, resin wicker and a range of other hard and softwood designs.

Yet many of these items won’t tick as many boxes as homeowners will want from such a key investment.

Rather than dismissing the notion out of hand, why not understand why teak outdoor furniture remains so appealing for suburban residents?


Perfect Aesthetic Presentation

Teak outdoor furniture brings out the best of the new and the old when it comes to adding value for suburban homes. These items are expertly crafted to deliver a rich brown colour scheme that blends in naturally to an outdoor garden setting. When weighed against cheaper plywood materials, the teak wood offers a perfect and clean texture that is ideal to sit in and enjoy the outdoors. Local residents will secure a great amount of value by having these brands on site for real estate catalogues, but having them for a long-term personal investment is even greater.


Moderates Temperature to Suit Climate Conditions

A small detail that often frustrates domestic homeowners in the suburbs is soaking in the sunshine from outside only to sit on an arrangement that is boiling hot. Teak outdoor furniture doesn’t experience this problem whatsoever, offering a material that will adapt given the temperature outside. Rather than venturing to the extremes, these seating arrangements will moderate their temperature to be relatively warm or cool without being inhospitable. Cheap furniture materials don’t provide this luxury and will require participants to use towels and cushions to moderate seating temperature.


Remarkably Durable Material

Lasting for upwards of 100 years, there is every chance that a teak outdoor furniture investment will outlive their owners. So long as it is respected, looked after and cleaned every once in a while, these arrangements offer a strong and sturdy framework with the support of a material that is resistant to common decay and rot that impacts on many common profiles of wood. With these distinct characteristics helping to form a quality product for suburban homeowners, installing these assets in a front or backyard setting will certainly work for the long-term.


Resistant to Pests

One of the great frustrations that suburban residents can face with their home is investing in items that are exposed to pests. From insects to ants and termites that eat away at the foundations of these valuable goods, they can destroy brands in quick time before arduous and expensive replacement projects have to be undertaken. The good news for those customers who opt for teak outdoor furniture arrangements is that they won’t face anywhere near the same type of decay given the material’s resistance to such pests. Thanks to its natural oil contents, ants and termites are not attracted to these surfaces. They will instead opt for more vulnerable woods and leave the teak alone.


Versatile & Customisable

Carpenters and designers from all corners of the globe and all walks of life have left their imprint with teak outdoor furniture. This is in large part because of the material’s versatility and ability to be cut and sawn into intricate pieces, empowering craftsmen and women to design beautiful ornaments that speak to their culture and heritage. Suburban homeowners have more options as a result of this competitive industry, giving them different points of difference and capacity to order brands that are sized and sculptured to their own requirements.